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Antonio Cromartie Not Happy That Darrelle Revis Is Being Traded


I'm sure your first thought when you heard about the Darrelle Revis trade to Tampa Bay was, "I wonder what Antonio Cromartie thinks." Fortunately, Manish Mehta has covered this burning question.

“It sucks. That’s my reaction: It sucks,” Cromartie told the News. “Losing a guy like that just sucks. A leader in the locker room, a leader in the classroom, a leader on the field. A great playmaker on the field. It just sucks losing a guy like that.”


When told that the Jets would likely get Tampa’s first-round pick in the draft this week along with other draft picks for Revis, Cromartie said, “Still sucks.”

I would imagine this is not going to be a terribly popular move in the locker room. Regardless of the merits, this is a move that is not being made for 2013. The guys in that locker room have limited careers and want to win today knowing there might not be a next year, no matter how unlikely.