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Jets Offered a Sixth Round Pick for Chris Ivory

Chris Graythen

We interrupt the Revis story to bring you news on another potential trade. Albert Breer reports the Jets have offered the Saints a sixth round pick for Chris Ivory. (Hat tip to GGN member Bob_The_Friendly_Baker for pointing this out.)

We will have to see how willing the Saints are to part with Ivory. They seem to be pretty deep in the backfield, and he doesn't seem to figure prominently in their long term plans. There is a point, however, where an extra year of Ivory is going to be more valuable to them than a pick. The question is probably whether that is a fifth round pick. If the Revis trade goes through, the Jets will have a ton of picks. It will be easy for them to bump up their offer from a sixth rounder to a fifth rounder. Will the Saints bite?