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Jets Make Offer For RB Chris Ivory

Jets Reportedly Make Trade Offer For Chris Ivory


The New Orleans Saints re-signed Chris Ivory today. The 25 year old running back who has been worked in rotationally with the Saints in the past and shown large amounts of potential in limited opportunities signed his 2.023 million dollar tender with the Saints today, per Manish Mehta of The Daily News.

The Jets had already been reportedly interested in trading for the Saints RB, but the signing of Ivory to the active roster today makes him eligible for trade. Signing Ivory as a Restricted Free Agent would have cost the Jets a second round pick, something they supposedly never even considered. Now they have reportedly made an offer for a lower round pick in exchange for Ivory.

Nothing is imminent yet but the Jets and Chris Ivory are mutually interested, and he is extra parts on a Saints offense with a surplus of backs right now. John Idzik seems genuinely interested and I wouldn't at all be surprised to see Ivory become a Jet within the next day or so if the price is right (meaning in terms of draft pick compensation). The Jets offense and Chris Ivory could be a mutually beneficial match at minimal cost for the team.

Playing 24 games in 3 seasons for the Saints, Ivory rushed for 1,307 yards on 256 attempts for a 5.1 average gain, 8 touchdowns, 72 first downs, 4 fumbles; a 56 yard long, and a partridge in a pear tree. As far as his receiving abilities given he's coming into an adapting West Coast Offense, his limited production is as follows; 3 receptions on 5 targets for a 10.7 average and 2 first downs.

According to reports, The Saints are asking for "nothing less than a fourth round pick", which means they want a fourth. I'd offer a fifth, but that's just me. What about you? Would you give up the Jets fourth round 2013 draft pick in exchange for RB Chris Ivory?