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Why Rex Ryan Is Unlikely to Get Fired Midseason

Head Coach Rex Ryan is not likely to lose his job before the season is over.

Jeff Zelevansky

A recurring theme through the offseason has been that Rex Ryan is on the proverbial hot seat and is likely to be fired at the end of the season. Whether that actually happens remains to be seen. However, it does not seem likely that Rex Ryan will be fired before the end of the season, no matter how bad the New York Jets perform.

We still do not know that much about GM John Idzik. However, based on his demeanor and how he seems to hold himself, he isn't the type of guy that makes knee-jerk reactions without carefully surveying the field, with all available information. If Idzik is going to fire Ryan, he will likely do it at the end of the season when he has all the information in front of him. Going into what is widely understood as a rebuilding year, it appears unlikely that Idzik will panic and fire Ryan before the season is over, regardless of how poorly the team does.

That said, if Ryan does get canned midseason, I suspect it will be due to the involvement of Woody Johnson. But based on Johnson's comments this offseason about how the team is in Idzik's hands and that he is the Supreme Overlord of Jetdom, I would be floored (as surprised as a Jets fan can be about anything the Jets do) if he were to intervene.

I know that I am one of the few remaining people that doesn't want Rex Ryan fired anytime soon, and I firmly expect Rex Ryan to be the coach of the Jets through 2013, and possibly into 2014, depending on the outcome of this upcoming season.