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Jets 2013 Schedule Announced

Jets face the Pats twice in first 7 weeks and the Dolphins week 17 in Miami. The schedule looks easier as the season goes on though.

Rich Schultz

The Jets put out the regular season schedule as follows below:

Sunday, Sept. 8: Jets vs. Buccaneers
Thursday, Sept. 12 at Patriots (prime time game)
Sunday, Sept. 22 vs. Bills
Sunday, Sept. 29 at Titans
Monday, Oct. 7 at Falcons (Monday Night game)
Sunday, Oct. 13 vs. Steelers
Sunday, Oct. 20 vs. Patriots
Sunday, Oct. 27 at Bengals
Sunday, Nov. 3 vs. Saints
Sunday, Nov. 10 BYE
Sunday, Nov. 17 at Bills
Sunday, Nov. 24 vs. Ravens
Sunday, Dec. 1 vs. Dolphins
Sunday, Dec. 8 vs. Raiders
Sunday, Dec. 15 at Panthers
Sunday, Dec. 22 vs. Browns

Sunday Dec. 29 at Dolphins


The first half of the schedule looks to be the harder of the two with the Jets getting 4 days to prepare for the Pats.

We start off against the improving Tampa Bay Buccaneers (could be interesting if Revis plays against us right away). Then we travel to New England for a very tough road game early in the year and only 4 days of break. That does not look like a favorable scenario for the Jets considering the Jets haven't beaten them since the 2010 playoffs. An 0-2 start looks to be the favorite although a .500 record going in wouldn't shock me either. If somehow we get off to a 2-0 start, well, I just can't see it frankly. Not with 4 days to prepare for the Pats in New England.

Seems we get a slight break the next two weeks as the Bills get us at home and then we travel to avenge the horrendous game in Tennessee. At this point, it looks like we can be .500 or maybe better. The Bills at home seems like a game that will tell us a lot early on. That's a game that will probably determine whether or not we will be watchable this year.

A trip to Atlanta and a game against Pittsburgh ratchet up the pressure. Then it's the Pats at our place. That's a real tough 3 week stretch. Especially losing a day as the schedule makers thought us vs the Falcons in primetime should be interesting. (That could be ugly on national TV.) New England at home will bring back memories of the butt fumble, but by this point we may see someone else at the helm.

That first seven games could either put us in a tailspin that is unrecoverable, or if we manage to pull out something around .500, get the hardest part of the schedule out of the way. I think it is conceivable we are around 3-4. However, don't count me shocked if we're 2-5 or worse.

I think the game in Cincinnati may be the barometer game for the Jets. If the Jets can stay roughly around .500 after that start, it would be pretty incredible looking at the schedule. Even if were slightly below .500 or floundering I think it comes down to that being a good test to see how the rest of the season may play out. A win against them and it brings some momentum into New Orleans. If we lose or get blown out by Cincy, the New Orleans game looks real tough before the bye. And by real tough, I mean I'd expect a loss.

The bye week arguably separates the schedule perfectly between hard and moderately hard.

The second half is the easier of the two but barely: Looks like the toughest games will be the home and away games against Miami, in Buffalo where they have seemingly played us a lot tougher then at home, and then the away game against Baltimore. Games against Carolina, Oakland, and Cleveland seem to be easier, but by then we may be way out of contention and ugly games to watch. Interesting enough it seems the second half trades easier and harder games.