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2013 NFL Draft: E.J. Manuel Says Jets Are Interested


E.J. Manuel seems to feel the Jets are among the teams interested in him.

Manuel said on the Dan Patrick Show that the Eagles (who own the No. 4 overall pick), the Bills (No. 8) and the Jets (No. 9) have all made him feel like there’s a good chance they’ll select him.

“I feel really good about the Philadelphia Eagles, I feel really good about the Buffalo Bills, I feel really good about the New York Jets,” Manuel said.

Obviously, it would be wise to take this for what it is worth. It is in Manuel's interest to make it sound like a lot of teams are interested. The more teams are interested, the more likely he is to go early. Teams who like Manuel are not going to risk letting him slip if they know there are a lot of other suitors. The higher E.J. goes, the more money he gets.

There does seem to be some genuine interest in the quarterback, though. In a little over a week we will find out how much there is.