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Three New York Jets Trades That Should Happen

Here are a few trades that GM John Idzik should strongly consider and push for.

Ronald Martinez

As has been discussed at length, the strength of the 2013 NFL Draft is in the second-to-fourth rounds. While not top-heavy with elite talent, there is a significant number of quality starters in the draft that the New York Jets need to exploit if they want to successfully rebuild. Here is what I would do to add to our selection of draft picks:

  1. Trade Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a 2013 first, third, and 2014 third (conditional to become a second). This should give the Jets the #13 and #75 picks this year.
  2. Trade back from the #9 pick to #11 with the San Diego Chargers, who desperately need an offensive tackle. They will need to be proactive to avoid being leapfrogged by the Miami Dolphins, who also badly need a starter. One of the two should get the third of the Big Three (Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher, Lane Johnson). In return, the Jets could receive the #11 and #78 picks, the fourteenth selection in the third round.
  3. Trade back from the #13 pick received from the Buccaneers to #31 with the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers are loaded with eleven draft picks and few holes. That will allow them to trade up for Tavon Austin, who will be the final piece in their nuclear stockpile standoff with the Seattle Seahawks. In return, the Jets could receive the #31 and #34 picks.
The total haul for the Jets would be the #11, #31, #34, #75, and #78 picks. This would put them in prime position to maximize value for the current draft. Add in their own #39 and #74 picks, and the Jets would have seven picks in the first 100 selections, as opposed to the three they would have started the draft with otherwise.