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New York Jets Re-Sign Calvin Pace

Jim McIsaac

Adam Schefter reports the Jets have re-signed outside linebacker Calvin Pace, who had been cut for salary cap reasons.

This is just a terrible, terrible decision. Pace has nothing left in the tank. Even though the outside linebacker situation was not good, Pace is not at all an upgrade over what the Jets had there. All Pace does is take a spot away from a younger player who could potentially help the Jets. Even if it was an undrafted free agent with a 0.01% chance of becoming a good player over the long run, that guy is worth taking a shot on over a guy with a 0% chance of helping.

This move has Rex Ryan written all over it. Pace is a favored veteran of Rex's. John Idzik also earned himself some criticism here. The general manager's job is to say "no" in situations like this.