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At What Point Does John Idzik Say Yes?

When should GM John Idzik say yes to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers regarding a trade of Darrelle Revis?

Jared Wickerham

There have been numerous reports about the supposed "offers" the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are making for CB Darrelle Revis. According to CBS' Jeff Capellini:

That's a pretty decent sized leap, from a 2014 first rounder to a 2013 first, third, and fifth. At what point does GM John Idzik say yes to the Buccaneers and pull the trigger to trade Revis? When does it become too big a package to say no to?

If the Buccaneers throw in a conditional 2014 third that can become a second, I may nominate Idzik for Executive of the Year myself, considering Revis' one-year contract, exorbitant contract demands, and, oh yeah, the torn ACL.