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Five Predictions for the 2013 NFL Draft

Let's have some fun trying to prognosticate the NFL Draft.


There are some things that happen every year at the NFL Draft, no matter what. For example, you can count on fans of the New York Jets to boo (often correctly) their team's selection. Here are a few semi-bold predictions of what may occur at this year at Radio City Music Hall:

  1. After taking Stephen Hill in the second round last year, the Jets will not take a wide receiver in the first three rounds.
  2. The Jets will trade back at some point with GM John Idzik's former team, the Seattle Seahawks.
  3. Along those lines, the Jets will draft QB Matt Scott, and Idzik (Edit: Meant to type Rex) will declare him the next Russell Wilson.
  4. The Jets will be unable to select a running back that they like, so they will be forced to trade their fifth round selection to the New Orleans Saints for Chris Ivory while they are on the clock.
  5. The Jets will select a tight end, at which point our very own John Butchko will repeat Chris Berman's iconic phrase, "New York, New York has just become tight end, tight end" to anybody that will listen.