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Tim Tebow: Jets Still Owe Broncos $1.53 Million for Quarterback

Rick Stewart

The Denver Post notes that the Jets still owe the Broncos $1.53 million for Tim Tebow.

When the Broncos traded Tebow to the Jets last year for fourth- and sixth-round draft picks, Mike Tannenbaum, the New York general manager at the time, was surprised to learn his team also needed to pay $5.06 million of prorated advance salary the Broncos had paid.

The payment was a deal breaker for a few hours until the Broncos and Jets agreed to split the difference of $2.53 million. The Broncos received $1 million last season and are due another $1.53 million from the Jets this year.


As the Jets shop Tebow, they aren't expected to ask a potential buyer to pick up his $1.53 million advance salary payment. But the Jets would like something in return. A seventh-round draft pick. A drawer of tight-fitting Jockey undershirts. Something.

Tim Tebow: The gift that keeps on giving. The bounty this team gave up for Tebow relative to his use is a case study in just how inept and disconnected the front office, scouting department, and coaching staff were under the previous regime.