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Two Options For Acquiring Chris Ivory

What options do the New York Jets have for acquiring RB Chris Ivory?

Chris Graythen

As we reported, New Orleans Saints running back Chris Ivory visited the New York Jets. This has created speculation that the Jets are considering giving Ivory an offer sheet. As he is a restricted free agent with a second-round tender, if the Saints do not match the offer sheet, the Jets would give up their second-round draft pick and acquire Ivory.

However, that is not the only option here.

The other option is that the Saints trade Ivory to the Jets for less than the second-round pick required. The reason they put the tender of Ivory is so another team wouldn't swoop in and steal him without them getting anything in return. Even if they don't get a second round pick, they can still get something for Ivory, which they might do if they do not have big plans for him and don't mind parting with him.

An example of this happening is from 2007. The Miami Dolphins had offered Wes Welker a second-round tender, much like Ivory here. The New England Patriots eventually traded their second- and seventh-round draft picks for Welker, before signing Welker to a much larger deal.

Suppose this is an option, and the Saints are willing to deal Ivory for less than a second-rounder. Say, a fifth or so. If that were the case, would you be in favor of the trade?