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Could the New York Jets Trade for Chris Ivory?

Will the New Orleans Saint become a New York Jet?

Chris Graythen

According to Howard Balzar:

This would be fascinating if true. Ivory is twenty-five and has been hidden on the depth chart behind Darren Sproles, Mark Ingram, and Pierre Thomas. He's shown some serious talent in limited opportunities. In 251 career carries, Ivory has averaged 5.1 YPC and eight touchdowns.

Per ESPN Insider:

With Pierre Thomas, Darren Sproles, Mark Ingram and Travaris Cadet on the roster, Ivory was limited to 68 snaps this year, down from the 156 he managed in 2011 and 195 as a rookie. He's clearly not a big part of what the Saints do, yet that doesn't mean he couldn't (or wouldn't) contribute in a big way for someone else.

For his career, Ivory is averaging an astonishing 5.1 yards per carry (compared to the 3.9 of Ingram) despite the fact that when he's in the game it's a telltale sign the Saints are running (74.9 percent of his snaps were on running plays), letting the offense key in on him. This is because he's incredibly hard to bring down. Ivory has forced 57 missed tackles from a running position since entering the league, or one every 4.9 touches. This season, Adrian Peterson forced one every 5.4 touches.

The second round compensation (Ivory is a restricted free agent and was tendered for that amount) complicates things. Would Ivory be a better option than trying for a running back in the second round? If so, then the Jets are better off trying to trade for him. If not, then they might as well keep their draft pick. What do you think?