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Could The New York Jets Trade Mark Sanchez?

Will the embattled quarterback become a Buccaneer?

Karl Walter

Today, Mr. Florio of ProFootballTalk discussed the possibility of the New York Jets unloading Mark Sanchez to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in conjunction with the rumored Darrelle Revis trade that's supposedly in the works. I am sure a significant number of our readers are salivating at the thought of getting Sir Buttfumble off the team.

If this were to happen, it would become almost a certainty that A) the Jets will draft a quarterback, and B) that David Garrard, if healthy, will be the 2014 starter. Assuming Tim Tebow will be cut, the QB Depth Chart could be as follows:

1. David Garrard

2. Greg McElroy

3. Drafted QB

In any case, this is an interesting concept, even if I don't believe it's likely. The Buccaneers have nearly $33 million in available salary cap space, so they have plenty of room to assume a new Revis contract, as well as Sanchez's.

What do you think? If the Jets could unload Sanchez, but would have to limit the number of draft picks they could receive as Revis compensation, would you be willing to accept that trade-off?