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2013 NFL Draft: Tyrann Mathieu Failed Over Ten Drug Tests in College

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Kevin C. Cox

USA Today reports Draft prospect Tyrann Mathieu told teams he failed over ten drug tests in college.

During one visit, Mathieu was asked how many drug tests he failed before he was suspended in college.

According to an assistant coach for the team, Mathieu responded: "I quit counting at 10. I really don't know."

It's easy to dismiss this and say, "Everybody experiments in college," but you reach a point where it's not experimentation anymore. It's addiction, and it takes over your life. Any team that takes Mathieu is going to have to really dig deep to make sure he's past this and give him the kind of support system he needs to stay straight.

I think this is an issue, but I'd like to see the Jets steer clear of Mathieu for another bigger reason. I think he's overrated as a prospect. He's way undersized as a cornerback. He isn't amazingly strong or fast to make up for it. One of his calling cards was forcing fumbles in college, which isn't necessarily transferable to the NFL. He'd be even more undersized if you move him to safety. He's pretty much a guy who is a special teamer, slot and zone corner. That's very limited for a guy people are making out to be the next huge star. I think he might be able to play in the NFL, but I wouldn't touch him before the third day.