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New York Jets: Darrelle Revis Is Running


Darrelle Revis has crossed a major milestone in his rehab from a torn ACL. The All Pro cornerback is running again.

Darrelle Revis is back running, even if it isn't at full speed or with his full body weight. The latest installment following Revis' rehab from ACL surgery on NFL Network showed footage of Revis running on a treadmill while a machine lifted him to remove 30 pounds of his body weight from weighing down on his knees. After his first run, Revis said there was "no swelling afterwards."

"It was great man. I was excited," Revis said of being able to hop on the treadmill.

We are still quite a bit away from Revis being at full strength, but every step to recovery makes a potential trade a tad easier. Any team trading for Revis will want as much to suggest he is going to make a full recovery as possible.