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2013 NFL Draft: Latest Todd McShay Mock Draft and the Jets


Todd McShay has Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner coming to the Jets in his latest mock draft with a few alternative scenarios.

Scenario 1: This turn of events is the perfect storm for a Jets team likely to part ways with disgruntled CB Darrelle Revis. Filling a major need with an elite player at this pick would be a slam dunk.
Scenario 2: Mingo's upfield explosiveness could be intriguing to coach Rex Ryan and his staff, who could surely put together a plan to maximize Mingo's skills.
Scenario 3: The Jets brought in G Willie Colon, but Vladimir Ducasse has become a second-round bust and New York could opt for the top guard on the board. In this case, that'sJonathan Cooper.
Stats and Info: The Jets' defense ranked 23rd in the league with a sack every 17.8 drop backs last season, and hasn't had a player record more than six sacks in a season since 2009. Mingo recorded 28 total pressures last season (QB hurries and knockdowns), tied for the second most in the SEC.

The first scenario isn't making a ton of sense to me. You trade Revis and then use your most valuable asset to take a guy you hope could be as good as Revis one day? What's the point?

I'm also not a fan of the third scenario either. I see a need at guard, but 9 is too high for Cooper for me. I'm not necessarily against taking a guard that high, but I think Cooper is a cut below Chance Warmack. You have to be a Warmack type if you are going guard that high.

I'd be good with Mingo.

How about you?