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Dawan Landry's Contract Is Reasonable

The New York Jets have signed the former Jacksonville Jaguar to a reasonable contract.

Larry French

Yesterday, the New York Jets signed their new starting strong safety in Dawan Landry, LaRon Landry's older brother. Today, the details of the contract have been revealed:

The cap hit for 2013 is only about $1.1 million. That's not half bad for a solid starter, and it avoids the same problem the Jets had this past year with LaRon. If Dawan recovers under Rex Ryan, as he played his best year for him in Baltimore, then the team will still have him for another year.

Six contracts, $2.8 million in guaranteed money. Those players include Mike Goodson, Willie Colon, Dawan Landry, Antwan Barnes, Antonio Garay, and Lex Hilliard. All of whom may be starting, for better or worse. That's what we call frugal spending.