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Tim Tebow: St. Louis Rams Do Not Want the Quarterback

Rich Schultz

Seth Walder reports the St. Louis Rams have no interest in quarterback Tim Tebow.

The Daily News has learned that the St. Louis Rams, who were reportedly interested in the NFL’s most polarizing QB last offseason, won’t be making a deal for Tebow, nor will they be adding him should he get cut by the Jets.

St. Louis was interested in Tebow last year when Denver tried to move the quarterback. This led to a degree of speculation they might be interested this year. It was also easy to imagine offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer pushing for the move. As we know, one of Schottenheimer's calling cards is to try and confuse the other defense, which is something having an extra quarterback could theoretically do.

The Jets are probably going to have to cut Tebow to get him off the roster. There might not be a Mike Tannenbaum out there who just wants to make a splash by trading for Tebow.