AGOP I’ve been reading on this site for over a year and this is my first fan post. I was actually trying to post an offseason mock earlier today, but it erased when I hit preview. Now with this competition, I figured I’d write it over. First order of business, work on Revis. Find trade partners for both Revis and Cromartie because we are trading one of them. Either trade Revis to Tampa bay for their 13 pick and a conditional 1st or 3rd next year or trade Cromartie to them for their third round pick (73) and late round picks. I would offer him basically the same contract Asumugha got for 5 years 60 million, 25 million guaranteed. The remaining 35 million will be incentive based. If he accepts the contract, trade Cromartie. If he doesn’t accept it, trade him. In reality, a 12 million average for a player coming off acl surgery is way more than fair and Revis accepts. We trade Cromartie. Our first three rounds of picks are 1(9), 2(39), 3(72, 73). Revis’ contract puts his cap hit at 10 million this year adding 1 million to his ’13 cap value. However, as we trade Cromartie, I believe our cap savings is his base salary of 7 million. Next, restructure tone. Because of a clause in Holmes’ contract, if he gets cut he can’t make more than 7.5 million. Also, if he signs with a new team, his salary would be taken off our cap. I would like to cut his salary down to 8 million this season. If he doesn’t want to restructure, cut him, saving us 1.25 million against the cap. Then, he’ll sign with another team, likely between 4 and 7 million, let’s say 5.5. Saving the jets a total of 6.75 million. Likely, he will chose to stay and his cap charge on the jets would change from 12.5 million to 8 million, a savings of 4.5 million. Next, free agency. We are cutting Pouha, Tebow, and Aaron berry, saving the jets 5,588,332 against the cap. The jets started with $8,186,239 in cap space, add 1 million for the Revis restructure, minus 7 million for the cro trade, minus 4.5 for the Holmes restructure, minus 5, 588,332 from cuts. That leaves us with 24,274,571 in available money. Re-sign Laron Landry to a 4 year 20 million contract with 10 million in guaranteed money, bringing our available money down to 20 million remaining. With that 20 million, take 5 away for draft picks. Estimated available funds are 15 million. Sign David Garrard to a 3 year 8 million contract, nothing guaranteed. If he’s on the roster for week 1, cap hit will be 2 million. Down to 13 million remaining. Then try to resign Devito for d line depth. 4 year 10 million, 4 million guaranteed, cap hit 2.25 million leaving us with 10.75 million. Sign Nick folk with a one year 1 million deal. Sign Howard to a 4 year 8 million deal. Sign Cumberland to a 2 year 3 million contract. Leave 6 million in the emergency fund. Now, we head on to the draft. We have the 9, 39, 72 and 73 picks. With the 9th pick in the 2013 nil draft, the New York Jets trade to Pittsburgh for their first and second round picks (17, 48). Pittsburgh will do this because they want to draft barkevious mingo with the departure of James Harrison. With the 17th pick in the draft, the jets select OG Jonathon cooper. He will be a good replacement for Brandon Moore. With the 39th pick in the draft, the jets select Gio Bernard, obvious fit. With the 48th pick in the draft, the jets select QB EJ Manuel. This guy has arm talent, size, speed, leadership, and running talent. He is a little raw, which is why he slips to the mid second round. I’d draft him to compete with Garrard to start, but expect Garrard to start and EJ to develop as the backup. With the 72nd pick, we select Jamie Collins, OLB, southern Miss. We need bodies at olb, he has size and has talent to be great if he keeps his motor running. With the 73rd pick, the jets select Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego State. He is a pass catching te that will fill the void left by Dustin Keller. So our starting lineup is: Qb Garrard, Rb Gio Bernard, wr Holmes, wr Steven hill, slot wr Kerley, te Jeff Cumberland, te Gavin Escobar, lt D’brick, lg Ducasse, c Mangold, rg Cooper, rt Howard. Defense lde Coples, nt ellis, rde Wilkerson, lolb garret McIntyre, lilb Harris, rilb Davis, rolb Collins, cb Wilson, ss Laron Landry, fs Josh Bush, cb Revis, slot cb Darrin Walls. We will sign several udfa to fill out the roster.

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