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Isaiah Trufant: Stay or Go?


Isaiah Trufant's professional football career has been the story of a guy who loves football and won't ever quit chasing his dream. Undrafted out of Eastern Washington in 2006, he has bounced from arena football to the UFL to fringe roster and practice squad spots.

Trufant got his first significant action of the year Week 8 at Foxborough. He ended up drawing significant action against Wes Welker. Welker had just 3 catches for 25 yards against Trufant. Welker had just 8 catches for 66 yards total. The next week, Trufant allowed just a single catch in coverage while playing half the snaps. A knee injury suffered the next game in Seattle ended his season.

Was his success a small sample size or the case of a talented under the radar guy finally getting a chance? We can't say, but the Jets owe it to themselves to find out. They need cheap talent, and Trufant might be that. Trufant will have a shot to see an expanded role if Darrelle Revis is traded. He needs to be ready to produce now, though. He is already 30. There is not much room to grow.