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Jets Rumors: Mike Devito to Be Priority?

Andy Lyons

Manish Mehta reports the Jets are planning to make Mike Devito a priority.

Jets will make re-signing DL Mike DeVito a "priority," I'm told. But it's unclear whether they'll be able to afford him. : $8M under cap

It's time for the annual disclaimer. Take every report you see from now until the Draft with a grain of salt. Any information you hear could be somebody planting false information with a reporter in order to increase leverage in a negotiation, artificially inflate somebody's price, or trick a rival team into making a dumb move.

Now that we are past that, I have to wonder about what this means. Devito is a very nice player, but I can't see how he's the top priority. The Jets have used two consecutive first round picks at his position for presumably higher impact players. The whole idea behind drafting those guys is that you can afford to let a Devito walk and save your free agency dollars for elsewhere. The thought that Devito might be a priority over Brandon Moore when you look at the state of the offense doesn't really add up. Is Rex Ryan asserting his influence and getting his way putting priority on defense while ignoring the offense?

We'll have to wait and see how this one plays out.