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Jets Rumors: Team Not Interested in Bringing Back Brandon Moore?


Yesterday on a satellite radio show, Brandon Moore said he has had little contact with the Jets.

Brandon Moore says he's had "surprisingly" little contact with about re-signing. Interested in signing with SB contender

It's easy to take that as a sign the Jets might not be interested in bringing Moore back. If they really wanted to, it would behoove them to get something done before other teams can speak with his representation and create a bidding war.

The Jets do not have a quality in house replacement for Moore lined up. This is a pretty dire situation. If you replace the rock solid Moore with a Vladimir Ducasse or Caleb Schlauderaff type, you realistically turn the one strength of the offense, the line, into a weakness. Beyond the significant downgrade at right guard, it would be easy to imagine Austin Howard regressing without a strong right guard helping him.