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NFL Free Agency 2013: Dolphins Re-Sign Matt Moore

Patrick McDermott

Even though he would have entered the free agent market as arguably the top quarterback still available and had a chance to be a starter, Jeff Darlington reports Matt Moore has agreed to a contract to stay in Miami as Ryan Tannehill's backup quarterback.

Dolphins get another one done: QB Matt Moore is sticking around. He has signed a deal to stay with Miami as Tannehill's backup, source says.

Dolphins QB Matt Moore's contract is a 2-year deal worth $8 million, I'm told.

I don't know whether it is worse that the Jets lost out on Moore or that the quarterback situation is so bleak that losing out on Moore actually upsets me. Either way, Moore would have fit like a glove for the Jets. He would have been a competent stopgap and a perfect backup if the Jets drafted a quarterback who became a starter in 2013 or 2014. He would have allowed the team to turn the page from Mark Sanchez.

So much for that.

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