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Are The New York Jets Interested in Charles Woodson?

Will a phone call lead to a signing by GM John Idzik?


Less than a month ago, I wrote an article about Charles Woodson and whether or not the New York Jets should be interested in him. Despite being mocked by a former reader as an absurd concept, according to Josina Anderson, a reporter for ESPN, the Jets have expressed at least some interest in the former Green Bay Packer:

The chances of actually signing Woodson are still slim. He will likely cost too much and is too old to be an effective player in the current rebuild. If he is intended as a partial stop-gap while the Jets trade Darrelle Revis (he would likely replace Kyle Wilson in the slot, who would move to #2 CB as he did this past season) and draft a new cornerback, then there should be more interest by the team.

With that in mind, should the Jets consider Woodson?