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Josh Bush: Stay or Go?

Jeff Zelevansky

Josh Bush was one of two safeties the Jets took late in the 2012 NFL Draft. Bush was a Wake Forest prospect who went in the sixth round. His rookie year was confined mainly to working on special teams. With both starting safeties hitting free agency and little money to spend on numerous needs, Bush might end up starting for the 2013 Jets.

In theory Bush's strength is supposed to be coverage. He split his college career between cornerback and safety. In the Jets defense, he would figure to be the deep guy providing the help over the top in cover one looks. How effective Bush would be doing this is anybody guess since he last played defensive snaps regularly in the ACC.

Losing free agents and replacing them with younger less proven players is a fact of life in the NFL. When that happens, you hope the player stepping into a starting role is somebody who has seen playing time as a substitute and succeeded like Quinton Coples. You do not want to throw in second year sixth round picks with little experience. With that in mind, the Jets should look for somebody who can start over Bush. Whether or not that is possible is anybody's guess.