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Antonio Allen: Stay or Go?


Antonio Allen was a seventh round pick for the Jets in last year's Draft. He spent his rookie year bouncing between the practice squad and the active roster. His rookie year saw him get limited action in five different games. Given the current state of the safety position, Allen would likely be slated to take a starting role if the Jets do not sign or draft a safety.

We know very little about what Allen brings to the table. He was one of the goats of the Jets' overtime loss in Foxborough, losing a few assignments on the game-tying and game-winning drives for New England at the end of regulation and in overtime respectively.

Allen is new to the safety position having started his college career at linebacker. This makes him profile as a more in the box run stuffer kind of guy than a cover guy. He reportedly was impressive in training camp, but that did not prevent the team from banishing him to the practice squad more than once. On the other hand, he was able to work his way back onto the roster a couple of times also.

I can't say I feel good about Allen taking a starting job next year. You do not want a seventh round pick with limited experience on the last line of defense. I might not get that wish, though. The Jets might be so strung by the cap that Allen might end up starting next year. He's worth keeping around. If nobody else can be found, I suppose the Jets have no other choice but to start him and see what he can do.