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LaRon Landry: Stay or Go?

Rick Stewart

LaRon Landry helped to give the Jets credible safety play in 2012 a year after they had anything but. Landry's presence in the secondary helped the Jets weather the storm of losing Darrelle Revis and finish with the eight fewest yards allowed in the league. After a couple of injury plagued seasons in Washington, Landry gambled on taking a one year deal with the Jets to try and rebuild his value. After a good year, now he will probably try to cash in.

Landry is a guy who stands out. He can cover a ton of ground. He is a big time physical presence. When he hits, he hits hard. He is a threat to receivers coming over the middle. He can knock the ball loose. He can knock your star out of the game. Landry is very much a homerun hitter. When he makes a big play, it ends up on the highlight reel.

Unfortunately, Landry is the kind of homerun hitter who also swings and misses. Despite the highlights, he is only an average tackler. He takes suspect angles to the ball carrier, and he is a liability in coverage. Pro Football Focus found he allowed the sixth most yards per play in coverage and fourteenth least snaps between reception allowed of fifty-nine qualifiers. The story of Landry's career is he has top notch athletic ability but inconsistent productivity.

Everybody knew what they were getting into entering the Landry-Jets marriage. The Jets were filling a need for one year at a discounted price. Landry was getting a chance to prove himself. That year is done, and the parties will likely go their separate ways. Landry will seek more than the Jets can afford or should pay. He is a good player if you can limit him to tight space and let him play the run. He is not a player to break the bank for. The Jets didn't get into the mess they are in by paying too much for Darrelle Revis. They got into this mess by overpaying for good but not great players like Landry. Even if Landry lowers his demands, I would want the Jets to be careful. He has a history of injuries and inconsistency. I love him at one year for $3.5 million. At more years and more money, he is much less of a bargain.