Johnny Manziel... WON'T BE A JET! ...REX IS A GOD! ...PLAYOFFS!? Don't talk about Playoffs

The Jets will make the playoffs this year, and the Johnny Football will be another teams Nightmare.

I have been biting my tongue for quite sometime. I will try my best to keep stay on topic with three concise topics:

- Rex Ryan is the best coach for the NY Jets

- We will make the playoffs in 2013-14

- Johnny Manziel is not a player worth his current draft stock.

It is really a travesty to see all of these "Fire Rex!" comments, or we need to completely rebuild thoughts. Where is the sanity? Rex Ryan is among the best defensive minds in all of football. No one can object to this. He has consistently built a strong defensive team with one superstar (Revis), and three solid players (Harris, Cromartie, and Wilkerson). We have had minimal pass rush from our edge rushers and many sacks coming from coverage or exotic safety blitzes. We were 8th in total yards against last year without Revis! We were 18th in total time of possession... thanks to the wonderful turnover machine on offense.

OK, so Rex can draw up defenses... doesn't mean he is a great leader? Well actually he is a good leader, though unconventional. Two Conference Championships in two years is pretty good. He is a players coach and I think many of his players respect him. Rex also had a micromanager (and an idiot) in charge who insisted things be done his way. How do I know this? Woody isn't an idiot. And Mike T has admitted to many of the accusations including Tebow, certain draft decisions, and personnel decisions.

What I see now is emotional, irrational comments from the media and fans alike. Mike T is gone, and there is reason to be optimistic in NY. Fans love everything when we win and hate everyone when we lose. Consistency is often overlooked in professional sports, but is key for long term success. Rex is a winner.

Last fall, I was completely pessimistic about this 2012 team. April 2011, I wanted to fire MIke Tannenbaum for poor drafting and throwing picks away for quick fixes. Actually, I wanted to fire Mike Tannebaum in April 2010 after our second consecutive Conference Championship appears and then again in August. Needless to say, I hated Mike T for a long time. He had shallow drafts, sought veterans that many teams didn't want due to declining skills, character concerns, or other reasons. He did not promote competition and had a thin depth. To be honest, I credit Rex for not exposing his stupidity sooner.

I will make another unpopular statement - with a proper draft, we will make the playoffs this year.

Here are my previous mentioned rules for building a successful team - at least what history has told me.

#1. Do not give mediocre players large amounts of money.

#2. Do not give perceived immature or low character players large amounts of guaranteed money for lots of years.

#3. Hire coaches and scouts who are sharp, they listen, and they can communicate. A GM in a strategic organization needs to coach and trust his team. Peers need to have trust in their boss, but they need to listen and also effectively communicate if they disagree. Done.

#4. Continue to build through the draft. Do not continue to have shallow drafts and trade draft picks for more expensive, unwanted players.

#5. Continue to have a solid balance of veterans, players entering their prime, players who are starting to hit their stride, and prospects.

#6. Hang on to your core, veteran players, but only within reason.

#7. Don’t be afraid to bench anyone.

#8. Do not overdraft. First rounders should be NFL ready to start and future pro bowlers. Day 2 guys should be ready to immediately contribute. The rest of the draft can be for projects.

#9. Trust statistics as a guide. If virtually all QB’s fail that are Juniors, complete less than 60%, or come from a spread/option read system, don’t give them a high draft grade. Glennon anyone?

#10. Consider injury history and character

#11. Try to diversify your draft picks.

I won't do another mock for this article, but I would strongly encourage a safety (like Vaccaro) and a dynamic TE, and a starting OLB as our immediate priorities. I would wait until our 4th round or later to take a project QB or if at all. I would probably draft a value RB in day 3.

Rex Ryan had that horrible defensive group be a top 10 defense. Our defense will continue to be solid and give us a chance each and every night. Our offense severely underachieved last year. I think Sanchez could and will rebound to average numbers. He will be given high percentage play calls. Routes will be quicker and simple which will minimize the exposure of our Oline. A value pick at RB, and a dynamic TE, and having healthy players could make our offense middle of the pack.

The other thing I see is all pro Johnny Football going on. Folks, I live 90 minutes from A&M. I'm in Aggieland. People here don't believe in Manziel. He has a group of people following him around because he can't stay out of trouble. He is extremely immature. He will be a 2 year starter. He will have spent 3 years on campus which already doesn't bode well for him. He also is and will take many shots and have a shortened NFL career.

-Character Concerns

-Limited Experience in College

-Durability Concerns

Why Durability concerns? Did you see what happened to RG3? NFL defenses are bigger, stronger, and faster. I suggest running backs, AND scrambling QBs will probably be out of the NFL in their early 30s and have a career less than 10 years. Sorry folks, I strongly disagree with Manziel unless he falls, and falls far. The economical risk/opportunity is just not worth it.

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