Quick Poll-Should the Jets trade their 1st (9) to Seattle for their 1st (25) plus QB Matt Flynn?

Then the Jets would have a decent QB that can run an offense and can take Trufant with the Seattle pick to replace Revis. The Revis trade would garner a bunch of picks to fill some of the holes in the lineup.

Flynn's one start in this league was a ridiculous 6 TD game against the Lions when he was a Packer. He has decent arm strength, can make all the presnap calls and is accurate.

He signed a 3 yr deal with Seattle last year for about $25 M and Seattle would have to take the $2 M cap hit this year and next for the signing bonus making his cap hit about $5.5 M for the Jets. The same or slightly more than the best free agent QBs available with a much better upside and a few years experience holding the clipboard for Aaron Rogers and Russell Wilson. I think he's the most pro ready QB available on the market.

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