Potential Jets: Brandon Myers

Oakland Raider's TE Brandon Myers is an Unrestricted Free Agent in the 2013 offseason:

Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m) Weight: 256 lb (116 kg

Receptions 111
Receiving yards 1,056
Receiving touchdowns 4

Originally a 6th round pick in the 2009 draft, Myers has been a steady producer for the Oakland Raiders, quickly becoming Carson Palmer's favorite target since the QB was traded in 2011. At 6'3, 250 Myers has a combination of excellent blocking ability, good hands, and decent speed for an athlete his size. Though not particularly agile, Myers is a trustworthy possession receiver that rarely makes mistakes or causes penalties.

Playing far above his pay grade-he averaged about $450,000/year in Oakland-Myers is about to hit the open market. Myers won't wow anybody with measurables, but the last four years has proven that he can be an effective contributor as a bang for your buck guy. The Raiders won't waste a Franchise tag on him, but will most likely make an effort to resign him.

With the likely imminent departure of Dustin Keller, Myers might be the exact stop gap Tight End that the Jets need. It is unclear how much money he will command on the open market. Yes he was the Raiders leading receiver last year, but that fails take in account Oakland's dismal Wide Receiver situation: lots of potential, no production. Moreso, Myers simply does not have the athleticism to command big bucks. His 4.78 40 makes all the difference when compared to Keller's 4.53. In my opinion the potential $2 million/year saved in trading Keller for Myers is well worth the difference in athleticism. Myer's production speaks for itself, not to mention the dynamic his blocking ability will likely add to our offensive scheme.

(Couldn't find a Raider's highlight vid, turn off the brutal music...)

I say it is worth testing the bid. Replacing Keller with Myers would likely open up cap room for other FA's and would add a sure pair of hands to compliment Cumberland. My contract limit would be around $2 million/year, with incentive based bonuses.

How about you?

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