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Buffalo Bills Sign Kevin Kolb


Adam Schefter reports the Bills have signed quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Kolb was rumored to be a Jets target. He played under Marty Mornhinweg with the Eagles from 2006 to 2010.

Kolb would have been an upgrade over what the Jets have. He got off to a good start in Arizona last year before his offensive line suffered an epic collapse and got him hurt. He has shown an ability to make plays when he has had adequate protection but suffers under pressure. That is more than you can say for the player the Jets sent out last year.

At the same time, Buffalo probably overpaid. Committing $6.5 million a year to Kolb and having the deal extend to 2014 would be a lot richer than I would want the Jets to go. He would have been nice, but not at a price like that. The thought of facing Kolb twice a year is nothing like facing Tom Brady twice a year.

The Bills pick one slot ahead of the Jets in the first round so this might make them less likely to grab a quarterback the Jets like at 8.