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Miami Dolphins Sign Brent Grimes

Marc Serota

Brent Grimes is off the market. The cornerback signed a one year deal with the Miami Dolphins per Florio.

The contract is worth $5.5 million, which puts him near the top of this year’s pathetic cornerback market — and which gives him another crack at getting paid again in 2014. Of that amount, the base value if $5 million; $500,000 comes from per-game roster bonuses.

Grimes could help Miami. He was a very good cornerback. There are all kinds of questions about whether he will be the same player this year. He is 30 years old and coming off a torn Achilles tendon, which is a devastating injury. A decline could be coming, but that seems to be a good deal for the Jets' AFC East rival.

Of just as much concern, this takes Grimes off the market for any cornerback needy teams who might have viewed him as a substitute for Darrelle Revis. That means Tampa Bay. It also could make Atlanta more likely to become a Revis bidder since they lost Grimes. The Falcons had the 23rd ranked pass defense last year.

If the Jets are to trade Revis, the best case scenario could be a couple of division rivals getting into a bidding war.