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Who Runs The Show?

If there's a battle in the war room between Rex Ryan and John Idzik, who will win?

Jared Wickerham

According to Tony Pauline:

Several agents who met with the New York Jets during the combine say it seems Rex Ryan is running the show. We hear in several instances general manager John Idzik struggled to get a word in edgewise as Ryan controlled meetings. To be completely fair, someone who met extensively with the Jets mentioned its more about personalities than control. It's not that Idzik doesn’t have control rather he’s much more reserved than the boisterous Ryan.

Personally, I don't think there's much here. As we've gathered from Idzik's press conferences, he obviously takes a more measured approach than, obviously, Rex Ryan. This isn't necessarily indicative of who actually wields the power (and, for what it's worth, Woody Johnson was insistent it's Idzik), but just, as Pauline said, his personality type in meetings. Ryan can talk all he wants, but if it's Idzik sending in the card to Roger Goodell, it doesn't really matter.

I could, of course, be wrong. Ryan could have complete control and Idzik is merely a puppet. That's how the first half of Pauline's quote sounds, at least. If that's the case, then many of our readers worst fears have been realized.

I suppose we'll find out for soon enough, but best case scenario, this isn't anything groundbreaking, worst case scenario, it could be devastating to this franchise (if you truly believe Ryan is the worst talent evaluator since Matt Millen).