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Dustin Keller Says He Wants to Stay

Jim McIsaac

Brian Costello caught up with Dustin Keller. The tight end says he wants to remain a Jet.

“Yeah, I’d like to return,” he said. “I have a lot of great friends on the team, and I’ve always thought of myself as a key piece of the offense there, but if I’m not there that’s fine, too. There are no hard feelings. I understand it’s a business for the Jets, but at this point it’s a business decision for me as well.”

Keller might actually want to stay, but I think him moving elsewhere might be best for both sides. Unless he's willing to take a one year contract to regain value on the market, his price will probably be beyond anything that would be wise for the Jets to spend on such a limited player.

Dustin could also benefit from a change of scenery. He will never be the every down tight end the Jets tried to pretend he was. He could be a valuable cog in a pass happy offense that moves him around to create mismatches. More than anything, he needs a strong quarterback who constantly be in his face to make sure he doesn't lose focus. One of Keller's biggest problems has been the lapses in concentration he has been prone to. Having a quarterback who will chew him out when he doesn't lay out for a ball, alligator arms a catch, or rounds off his route will be the best chance to salvage what has generally been an underachieving career.