Are The Jets Dumber than Dumber?

Ok folks, heres my gripe..I have been a Jet fan for over 40 years and I must say, in that span I have seen some HORRIFIC personell calls made by our favorite team..lets start off in the not so distant Past and work our way forward..

Back in the 1990's, we saw Draft picks that would have IMPROVED our team DRASTICALLY slip thru our fingers, and its not like these guys were "diamonds in the rough" , they were bonafide superstars from the back in 1995 when we took that slow ass TE Kyle Brady, EVERY JET FAN at the draft was chanting "WE WANT SAPP!! WE WANT SAPP!!" ..we still took Brady, not to mention we already had 2 legit TEs on our roster!!! ..

On to the next..back in 2003, the Jets traded up to the 4th overall pick and selected DT Dwayne Robertson!!! CMON MAN!!! this guy was ALWAYS questionable against the Run and had bad motor skills and tendency to be lazy!! analysts tried to recoup the uproar by labeling him "Baby Sapp" PUUUUHHHLLLEEEZE!!! this guy was nothing more than a walk-on try out practice dummy!!! especially considering that Terrell Suggs,Troy Palamalu ,Osi Umenyiora and Nnamdi Asamugha were still on the board!!!

On to BIGGER and "better" Things..

Over the years, it seems that no matter who is our HC or GM, the Jets STILL make TERRIBLE and more often than not, mind boggling choices when it comes to putting OUR team on the seems that WHENEVER we actually get a player that "pans out" and plays like he should, WE TRADE HIM!!! not only do we trade him, BUT WE TRADE HIM IN HIS PRIME!!!!!!! here are a couple examples of what Im saying..

DE Hugh Douglas 1st rnd pick 1995-----TRADED to Eagles in 1997 !!

DE John Abraham 1st rnd pick 2000---TRADED to Falcons 2005!!

LB Jonathan Vilma 1st rnd 2004---TRADED to saints 2007!!!!

...these are just a few of the Jets biggest mistakes they've made in the PAST..there are COUNTLESS other "follies" this team has made, we seem to pick up EVERY cast-off washed up has-been in the league in hopes that they have at least '1 more year left" in the the meantime, our opponents get stronger on our mistakes...

IF Revis gets Traded this year, it will be not a suprise to me, but just another reason to believe that the "people" that run the Jets are TOTALLY F*****G CLUELESS!!!!

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