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New York Jets: Quarterback Carousel Turning in NFL

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Albert Breer has reported the Seahawks and Raiders are close to a deal that would send quarterback Matt Flynn to Oakland.

As you might know, the Raiders have a high priced starting quarterback, Carson Palmer. If the Raiders get Flynn, it stands to reason Palmer's days in Oakland could be numbered.

Pro Football Central says the Jets are going to be in on the bidding for Palmer if he becomes available.

As we know, the Jets have around $13 million in cap space. They could face some serious competition for Palmer's services, though, since plenty of teams have similarly dire situations at quarterback. Palmer would make a ton of sense for the Jets, though.

As you probably know, the current situation is pretty ugly. They just signed a 35 year old guy who hasn't played in two years, and he seems like a vastly more attractive option than anything the Jets put up there last year. Palmer is in decline and too turnover prone, but he also is a 60% 4,000 yard passer. He could bring credibility to the position for a year or if the Jets draft a quarterback until that rookie is ready to play. In the short run, there probably wouldn't be better use for that money than somebody who could play quarterback credibly.