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Matt Slauson Goes To The Chicago Bears

The former Jets guard goes to the Windy City.

Nick Laham

Former New York Jets guard Matt Slauson has signed a one-year contract with the Chicago Bears. Needless to say, the Jets weren't in love with Slauson enough to extend what has to be close to the veteran's minimum to the 27-year old player. I have a feeling it was relatively mutual, as Slauson was vocally displeased about his rotation with Vladimir Ducasse. Perhaps Slauson will leave most known (and reviled in some circles) as the cause of Brian Cushing's torn ACL.

Slauson will leave with passable pass protection but sub-standard run blocking skills. Currently, Ducasse is slated to replace him, however that may change through free agency and the draft. I've never been a fan of Slauson, so I can't say that I'm too upset about his departure. Slauson was a vocal proponent of Mark Sanchez, and it's time to leave that era in the past.