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Jets Flight Connections 03-29-13

Daily links to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

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Alex Trautwig

What's good this Friday, Gang Green Gangsters?

The Jet Set: The lowdown on Mike Goodson. Because it's Goodson Friday. Steve Bateman looks at some tape from his time with the Oakland Raiders.

USA Today: Mark Sanchez is quietly being tutored by Jeff Garcia. So quiet that it was first reported three weeks ago and no one noticed. (Except for me.) And just to be clear, JaMarcus Rusell is also there - to learn, and not as mentor to Sanchez.

WBAY: After spending last year with the Green Bay Blizzard, Junior Aumavae is getting a chance with the New York Jets.

Pro Football Talk: Jake Scott visited the Jets yesterday but didn't sign.

NY Jets Draft: The pass rushers flying under the radar.

Pro Football Focus: Why your team wants Antoine Winfield. They look at some tape from his time with the Minnesota Vikings.

New Haven Register: Charlie Hatchett seemed to draw the most notice from players and scouts at Yale's pro day.

Kent State Sports: Whether plowing snow or defensive linemen, Brian Winters shows that he's not afraid of hard work. His name is Winters, and he plows snow. That name again, is Mr. Winters.

The Warrior Beat: Leroy Lutu, Jr. soared at his NFL workout.

The Warrior Beat: The CFL allows a prospect to be drafted but return to school if things don't work out.

Jason Cole: Could a desperate need for a quarterback lead suitors to go after the Kansas City Chiefs' number 1 pick? That's definitely desperate. Why don't you come to your senses because I think that can hurt you somehow.

Crackback: When did it become popular to poo-poo Geno Smith?

Ryan243: Assuming that the Darrelle Revis trade leaves us with picks #9 and #13.

keepitreal13: Enough with a guard in the top ten.

Bob_The_Friendly_Baker shared a quote on Rex Ryan's thoughts about DaMontre Moore.

In case you missed it, John B. whipped out his What If Machine on Wednesday.

And now here is Better Than Ezra with "Good":

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes with a cover of "Friday on My Mind":

And Sponge with "Plowed":

Have a good Friday, everyone!