Assuming Revis Trade Leaves us with Picks #9 & #13

Guys, assuming that we end up trading Revis to the Bucs and walk away with the 12th pick (and whatever else we receive) - we would have the 9th and 13th picks in the draft. Disclaimer - I am in the camp who thinks trading Revis should be a priority as a healthy Revis in his prime was not enough to put us in the Super Bowl, with a better cast around him, and as a rebuilding team; we should be stockpiling assets to rebuild this team. Plus I think with the salary cap, it is fiscally irresponsible to pay $15m for a corner as you see where the market for other corners is. I don't think a winning team can dedicate 10% of their cap to a non-QB. I completely believe that we need to find another QB for this team, as Sanchez is clearly not the answer. He should be paying Mike T's kid's tuition bills - as Mike T gave Mark a gift of a contract that nobody will ever offer him again. However, I wouldn't trade up for a shot at Geno Smith as this team has too many holes on the roster (with too little money) to give up picks. Assuming Geno is off the board at 9, something that I think is interesting is to focus on completely solidifying the OL. One of our biggest issues this year was the OL. If we can solidify the OL it will make this team competitive this year, but most importantly, lay a foundation of stability for our future QB. One of the biggest detriments to young franchise QB's is when they go to a team with a swiss cheese OL. How many QBs have we seen drafted by an NFL team who come into a situation with a weak OL and take too many early hits, become scared or get happy feet in the pocket and never reach their potential? I think one of the biggest determinants of a young QB's success in the NFL is the quality of their OL. We have a franchise caliber player in Mangold at Center and Brick is a Pro Bowl caliber LT (assuming he returns to previous form). The Jets seem to be high on Austin Howard, and will at the very least, give him another year to prove himself. We potentially have major holes at both Guard spots (maybe only 1 if Colon is healthy but that is just a 1 year fix). The most likely scenario is that we roll with Sanchez, Garrard, McElroy at QB this season and then address our QB situation next year in either the draft or in Free Agency (we should have more cap space next year). Therefore, an interesting solution/strategy would be to take 2 of the better OGs to come into the draft in recent years with Chance Warmark at 9 and Jonathan Cooper at 13. While it is never sexy to take OGs with high first round picks - the best thing we could do for our existing QBs is to give them great protection (which will also enable us to be a true runnning team again) while having the right foundation for our next "franchise QB". I think one of the best things a team can do when committing to a young QB is to Provide them with a strong OL and a young WR that they can grow with. Maybe Stephen Hill becomes that guy. Jeremy Kerley is looking like a reliable slot receiver of the future. Maybe we take another WR in the draft this year or next......but knowing that we will once again have a young QB why not give him all the tools to suceed? Winnning football teams tend to have winning QB play and killer Offensive and Defensive lines. I don't think anyone would worry about our Defense - but our Offense is in shambles. Build the line in the first round and it will have more impact than any other pick we could make this year.

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