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New York Jets Have $13 Million in Cap Space


His Florioness says the Jets have roughly $13 million in unused salary cap space.

Jets: $13.0 million.

Subtract $5 million or so that would be required to sign the Draft class. That leaves the Jets room to sign roughly two or three more starter quality free agents depending on demands. A large chunk of it could also go to signing a new quarterback such as Kevin Kolb.

The bad news is the Jets have many more holes than their money will allow them to fill. At this date, there is no proven starter at either safety spot, either one guard spot, or either outside linebacker spot on top of below average situations at quarterback, running back, and wide receiver. No matter what they do, the Jets are likely to start 2013 with some major weaknesses on the roster.

They could also carry the money over to 2014, but that would be a tough sell considering the glaring weaknesses existing.