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Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Sean Renfree, QB

Should the New York Jets take a late round flier on the quarterback out of Duke University?

Streeter Lecka


Sean Renfree is a name you've probably never heard of. That's alright, I wouldn't blame you. But I believe that Renfree is the sleeper late-round quarterback pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. You should know that he has been coached at Duke University by David Cutliffe, the same coach who also taught Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. Cutliffe himself has stated that Renfree has a work ethic identical to the Manning brothers. Of note, Renfree was injured on the last play of his last game as a senior, a torn pectoral muscle, from which he is still recovering.


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 219lbs.


Year Completions Attempts Percentage Yards Touchdowns Interceptions QB Rating
2012 297 441 67.3 3113 19 10 136.3
2011 282 434 65.0 2891 13 11 125.7
2010 285 464 61.4 3131 14 17 120.7
2009 34 50 68.0 330 4 2 141.8


  • He is poised under pressure, and has excellent pocket presence.
  • He played in a pro-style offense.
  • He has more than enough arm strength to make all the throws.
  • He has a compact, quick release and excellent footwork.
  • He is able to adjust the trajectory of the ball to the receiver and to get around oncoming rushers.
  • Has experience with the read-option out of the pistol formation.
  • He has pinpoint accuracy.


  • He needs to get better with his progressions.
  • He needs to make better decisions. He's thrown too many interceptions. He threw into double or triple coverage a little too much for comfort.
  • His level of competition was sub-par.


Renfree is very technically solid. He has excellent technique and, physically, has everything you could ask for. He's got a big arm that is accurate. His biggest weaknesses can, with proper coaching, be fixed in the film room. I've seen him compared to Joe Flacco. I think it's an interesting comparison. Here is a good profile of Renfree, who should be available in the sixth or seventh round for a flier. If the New York Jets are interested in a late-round project while they see what quarterbacks are available next year, they should take a good, hard look at Sean Renfree. He might just be the steal of the draft.