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New York Jets Interested In Margus Hunt

The head coach of the New York Jets works out the Mustang phenom.

Margus Hunt is a 25-year old Estonian athlete that plays defensive end for Southern Methodist University, or SMU. Before taking up football, Hunt was the world junior record holder for the discus. He has also competed internationally in the shot put and hammer throw. We profiled him here.

Today, Rex Ryan has been at SMU's Pro Day and personally worked out Hunt at both the DE and OLB positions. As you can see above, that is a photo of Rex and Hunt.

If the New York Jets can snag Hunt in the second or third round, that would be intriguing. Hunt is getting a little long in the tooth but is an extraordinary athlete. I'd be fascinated in seeing him develop under Rex and Karl Dunbar. Please do not compare him to Vernon Gholston simply because both are incredible athletes.

However, there's of course the warning label of him being, as GangGreenMag puts it, "unrefined." He needs work. He's a bit of a project, although certainly not as much as many other players. The comparisons to Stephen Hill and Vlad Ducasse will be inevitable, if undeserving, in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how much interest the Jets express in Hunt as we get closer to the draft.