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Jets Flight Connections 03-26-13

Daily links to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

Jeff Zelevansky

Rant Sports: Can Rex Ryan resurrect the Jets? The quarterbacks here, and the quarterbacks who could be here.

The Jet Set: Could Tim Tebow be staying with the Jets?

Eric Allen: Will the top ten include both Geno Smith and Matt Barkley?

John Holt: Wide receivers in the draft, including Cordarelle Patterson and Tavon Austin.

Sys-Con: Bret Lockett helps to put an end to bullying.

ESPN Audio: Josh Bush discusses the changes on defense and what fans should look forward to.

AFC East Blog: Updating the Jets needs.

Infinite Jets: Players who have worn #62.

Huffington Post: How just an extra hour of rest can make you a better athlete. As evidenced by the New York Jets. Peyton Manning brought Tennessee fans to their feet back in March 1997. He could have been a Jet.

JetsFanMurphy's law and the state of the Jets.

jnetys: The two year plan.

szwech24: A random draft thought.

New York Times: Harlon Hill, NFL star and trophy name, dies at 80.

New York Times: An assembly panel will review Governor Cuomo's stadium suite deal.

Deadspin: Overpaid sportswriter salutes underpaid football player.

LinkedIn: Common grammar mistakes that make you look dumb.