Random Draft Thought

Reading everybody's mock drafts/off season plans is extremely entertaining, I love getting people's views on the Jets biggest needs, and its getting me pumped for the draft. With that being said, reading peoples mock drafts I've noticed a lot of trades consisting of swapping picks, and I would imagine everybody is using a draft value chart (i.e.

While swapping picks according to their value makes sense in theory, I think there are variables that aren't being taken into account.

1. If front offices doesn't see an "elite prospect" that they "need," then they won't trade up

2. Likewise, if front offices don't see much different in value from two picks (i.e. pick #9 and pick #15) they won't trade up

I'm new to posting a blog, so please give me feedback, but I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is much more to swapping picks than just the value chart.

Thanks for reading.

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