Murphy's Law and the State of the Jets

After a long break and extreme boredom, I've decided to come back to GGN in a non-lurker way at least on a small basis. Hooray! Right? Right?



Anyway, I decided to write a post on the General State of Affairs with the Jets rather than study for the variety of tests I have this week, so lets get this thing started shall we?

The Jets have no luck of the Irish this year, rather, they've adopted the other Murphy luck, MURPHY'S LAW. To those uneducated in this law, it's where Anything that could go wrong WILL go wrong.

Note, this is purely my uneducated, rusty mind writing this late at night, so I may have no idea what I'm talking about. So basically inb4 OMG YOU'RE OPINIONS ARE STUPID AND YOUR STUPID.


Management and Coaching



Lets start out at the top. I've been a major critic of Woody Johnson since I started closely following the personnel decisions made. To me, it seems he has a "Jerry Jones" personality to him where as an owner he want to be a part of the business decisions made in the team rather than leaving it to the General Manager. In reality, I have no idea how much influence he has in making decisions but with the Tim Tebow saga, and now the Darrelle Revis comments he's made over the past few months it's left me with a poor taste in my mouth about him. He should leave the responsibilities of deciding who will be on the Jets to the people he hired to do that. However, he did a fantastic job in searching for a GM and not rushing it.

Which brings us to our next person, John Idzik, our general manager. He's only been around with us so long and yet he's done a tremendous job not overreacting to situations and players. He was able to restructure several contracts for key players including Antonio Cromartie (A Top Ten Corner in the League), And our only offensive weapon remaining in Santonio Holmes. He's let overrated and old players go, and even talented players who have no key role on our team go. As weird as that last part sounds, I'm referring to guys like Mike Devito who signed with KC. Even though he seemed like a fan favorite, with Coples and Wilkerson's breakthroughs last season he became expendable. Then he's signed underrated players with big upside for cheap like Mike Goodson and Antonio Garay. I can't wait for the draft and the future years with this guy, he seems like a fantastic GM.

Now time for the Head Coach. Where have the bold guarantees and brash talk gone Rex Ryan? Personally, I was a huge fan and still am of his bold acts, it brought a refreshing taste to the league without being a real jerk like some other boisterous coaches currently in the league. After going back to back seasons to the Championship game, he's gone back to back seasons sans a playoff appearance and with the locker room breaking apart with "Anonymous Sources" and chaos at the Quarterback position. While I love him as a defensive coach, his offense is ineffective in this league without having playmakers. He wants to be like San Fran, but with the talent of the Jets, it won't happen. Unless he pulls off a miracle, I don't see him returning next season. We've already seen his defense without Revis, so I believe that's more overrated than most people think, but our offense could be one of the worst in recent history. Lets hope otherwise. I'd like to see how Rex does this season and base a judgement off that, but I completely expect him to be fired if we go anything less than 9-7 with a chance to go to the playoffs.

The Offense

As I mentioned before, I believe we could be in for an EXTREMELY boring season offensively. I want to wait until after the draft, but depending on who we pick determines how our offensive philosophy will be. I want an offensive player with our first pick. I don't care how good the pass rusher might be, you won't win games with the lineup we have now. Hill is a multi 2000 yard, 20+ TD receiver in my madden league, but in reality he's raw and doesn't seem to be popular in management. Kerley is an average slot guy and I've been a Holmes critic since the first game he played in a Jet Uniform. I would love to see one of the variety of weapons available at WR drafted, but I wouldn't complain with Warmack if he's there. Offense wins games in today's league. Defense is being phased out and the more talent on offense the better.

As for the departures of some 'key' Free agents, I'm glad we've gotten rid of most of them. Shonn Greene was a 2 yards and a cloud of dust runner while Keller was a favorite of mine, but never could develop into the Tight End he should have been. Warmack would easily replace Moore, who in my eyes has been getting older and worse off over the past couple of years. Slauson seemed to be in the doghouse, but Willie Colon could be replacing him soon enough.

The Quarterback. The leader. The man in charge of the offense. Yeah, no one like that with the Jets. I don't believe Tebow will be back next season, nor do I believe he's as good as many believe he is. In Denver, he had to rely on an elite defense and a superior running game to succeed. We have neither here. As for Sanchez, this last season truly showed me his flaws. I'll admit, I was blinded by the two AFC championships and then the lack of talent around him, but he's completely burned out. The way he acted was like he didn't care what was going on when he got onto the field. I'm not too amazed with his competition in David Garrard, but we'll see what happens draft day. I expect a 2 or 3rd round pick on a lesser named QB as well to help or signing Kevin Kolb. Maybe we can bring Favre out of retirement too? Why not bring back Vinny Testaverde or Joe Namath? All of those guys could still beat out our current lineup.

The Defense



I think this is less of an issue than people make it to be, even if Revis leaves. Our OLB position is terrible, but this is more of a passing league than ever, and even without Revis I think we'll be okay in that regard. Cromartie could have been the best corner in the league last year, even if Sherman thinks he's the best and the plethora of backups could make a name for themselves. Our D-Line can only grow with Mohammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples in the lineup along with Ellis and Garay.

Rex plans to be more hands on with the defense this year, so expect more of the 2010 defense to emerge rather than the 2012. Until proven otherwise, I believe in Rex when it comes to the defense.

As for Darrelle Revis. I want to make my opinion clear on Revis. I think when he was healthy, he could have been the greatest Cornerback to ever play the game of Football. In today's game, Wide Receivers are bigger and better than ever. They're more athletic and more talented than ever before. Darrelle Revis could completely shut each and every one of them down. He's faced everyone from Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson Jr, Steve Smith, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Brandon Marshall and the only one he's ever looked close to average against was Stevie Johnson. He's NOT a Quarterback, but what people say about him are dead wrong. What he does, isn't shut down one side of the field. That's what Nhamdi Asomougha did in Oakland. Completely shutting down a teams number one receiver. Holding them to One catch, two catches, 30 or 40 yards at most. Never a Touchdown. I think the number of Touchdowns he's let up since being under Rex is 7? That's unbelievable.

But what I hate about him is his neverending demand for more money. Maybe he had a point not accepting that 10 year, 100 million contract a few years ago that had no guaranteed money to it. He ended up tearing his ACL. But is it necessary to hold out every 3 years you're in the league? If someone makes an offer to me, very much similar to the ones being made by Tampa Bay, I'm extremely tempted to trade him. At this point, I would. He's become too much of a diva on a team with not enough cap space. I'm completely for signing him long term too, but if these trade offers become better and better, I expect him traded before the season starts.

Special Teams

It'll be interesting how this plays out this season. Westy's gone, and Ben seems to have been in charge of the nightmare of last season. Folk is back, and I believe Malone is as well. I approve of them both. I don't really know what else to say about them. I expect them to be bad. Then again, they both could make the Probowl with the amount of kicks they'll need to make with our offense.

Upcoming Season

Still with me? Have a cookie!



I'm not hopeful in regards to our season at all. I've looked at our opponents, and I'm not happy about the teams we face this year. I don't expect much at all out of this squad. If Rex makes 8-8, he might be the Coach of the Year. I see us winning anywhere from 2-6 games against the Browns, Oakland, at least one Bills game and maybe one Miami game.

So, there's my post on the state on the Jets. In case you didn't have the attention span to read all of this, the moral of the story is that I don't like Woody Johnson, I love Rex Ryan and John Idzik, I think the defense will be okay but I believe both the offense and the overall team record will suck. Murphy's law will be in full effect this season. Prepare for a bumpy ride folks.

If it makes you feel better, take a gander at my personal Murphy's law when it comes to sports. I own jerseys of Santonio Holmes, Dustin Keller, Mark Sanchez, Darrelle Revis, Jerricho Cotchery and Aaron Maybin, a bobble head of Rex Ryan and I own a RA Dickey book from when he was on the Mets. I will NEVER buy sports anything again unless they are legends.

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