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A Community Guidelines Refresher

Time to refresh your noggin' on the Community Guidelines!

Nick Laham

Every once and a while, we need to remind our readers to read the Community Guidelines. With the upcoming 2013 NFL Draft, there are sure to be contentious debates about the best draft picks and the future of the New York Jets.

This is a reminder to be respectful. This isn't one of those websites, you know which I'm referring to, that have comment sections that are full of trolls screaming at each other like baboons. If you troll, curse, invoke religion/politics, attack someone personally, etc., you will be either warned or banned, depending on the severity. As we often say, this is not a democracy. It's a dictatorship, and the moderators will deal with violators, often harshly. It's a privilege to read Gang Green Nation, not a right.

I don't want to crack the whip too hard, but it's incredibly important to keep a respectful tone. Debate the issues, not the person. Do you think someone's wrong? Then prove they are, with facts, specific examples, and statistics, if available.

As always, we encourage our readers (especially lurkers that haven't posted yet) to read and write FanPosts and FanShots. Contribute to the community. Through a collaborative effort, we can all become better and more knowledgeable fans of the team we love. Thank you for reading Gang Green Nation.