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New York Jets: Darrin Walls, Jordan White, and Isiah Trufant Sign Tenders


Jake Steinberg reports three Jets have signed their tenders to stay with the team.

Source: Darrin Walls, Jordan White & Isaiah Trufant signed their ERFA tenders & will remain . Dedrick Epps wasn't tendered & is a FA.

Of these three, Trufant interests me the most. He was playing some excellent football before he got hurt this year. He is already 30 years old so there is not much room for him to grow as a player. He is probably as good as he will ever get. We will find out how good he is right now.

With Darrelle Revis possibly headed out of town, an opening exists for a guy like Trufant. A Revis trade would slide Kyle Wilson into the starting lineup. That would open up the nickel spot, a position that comes with a lot of playing time. In this era of spread offenses, a third cornerback can be a full time player in certain situations. This is Trufant's shot.