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New York Jets Rumors: Is There Interest in Zac Dysert?

Sam Greenwood

Kristian Dyer reports the Jets have interest in Miami of Ohio quarterback Zac Dysert.

Name to look out for: Jets have interest in Miami of Ohio QB Zac Dysert per source. Met at the Senior Bowl & interviewed him at the combine.

Take that for what it means. They might not have liked what they heard when they met with him. They might investigate him and find out they don't like him. The team is probably going to be thorough research on any number of quarterback prospects. If they did not, it would be a major disappointment. Due diligence demands no stone be left unturned at the most important position. This team surely has a need.

So just take that nugget and put it away in your head. If the Jets end up taking Dysert, we will all remember this as significant. If they do not, it will be easily forgotten.