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Jets Flight Connections 03-24-13

Daily links to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Tampa Bay Online: Former members of the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization kept bumping into each other, including John Idzik and Mike Tomlin.

The Jet Press: Is Idzik a disciple of Billy Beane?

Jane McManus: The better Jets free agents were snapped up quickly.

Conor Orr: What to do with Darrelle Revis?

Over the Cap: The depressed cornerback market and Revis. :-( Antonio Garay shows off his soft side.

The Jets Blog: Scoping Scouting Willie Colon. NFL players helped raise money for foster teens. Mark Sanchez was part of the group.

Gary Myers: Pete Carroll is not ready to give up on Sanchez. Trade?

Seth Walder: Bryan Thomas discovers a torn tendon in his shoulder and is mulling retirement.

Side Lion Report: The Detroit Lions' offensive Lion line versatility allows for the pursuit of Brandon Moore.

Field Gulls: The typical mock draft. B.W. Webb has friendly resources that can inform him with what to expect for a chance at the NFL. Jonathan Grimes is one of them. Mike DeVito can't wait to get started. Remember what I always say, patience comes to those who wait. John Abraham joins the Senior Bowl Hall of Fame. Mal Moore was the athletic trinity at Alabama. He was a backup to Joe Namath.

Crains New York: A profile for Marissa Shorenstein. She is a former Jets employee who worked on the West Side Stadium proposal. NFL teams and more rely on a Hackettstown firm for their weather forecast.

The Fifth Down: A scheduling conflict forces the Baltimore Raves to open on the road. You snooze, you lose. That's what happens when you don't predict Super Bowl wins.

New York Times: A deal will give the Cuomo Administration a luxury suite at the Buffalo Bills' stadium.

NFL Philosophy: The illusion of balance.

Oh, and Anthony Adams retires: